Weddings & Events

Undoubtedly weddings and events are one of the most desirable parts of our industry.

The attraction of creating beautiful florals and effortlessly popping gorgeous images on instagram, is so alluring. Everyone will see how fabulous we are!

But let’s get real –  weddings are hard work! 

They are labour intensive, time consuming and fraught with stress, but boy can they be pretty!

That’s not to say that weddings and events can’t be very rewarding and profitable, however,  it doesn’t happen by accident. The very best way to succeed at weddings is to be strategic and organised. 

And…either be a really great, highly skilled floral designer or work with someone that is!

Have a plan – 

Here’s a really big question – How many weddings/events do you need to do? 

If you are serious about making money from weddings/events you need to build a wedding/event business that will make a profit. 

You will need to calculate the profit you want to make on your wedding.

What does your ‘average wedding’ entail?

How many of these do you need to do each year to make the amount of profit that you want?

Are you pricing your weddings properly?? (more on this in pricing for weddings and events chapter??)

Note – we are talking profit here, not turnover!

Once you have the answer to these questions, there are more questions! 

Is it enough to do one wedding per week? 

Do you need to do two or more weddings per week? 

Do you have the capacity to cover this? –  staff, vehicles, props, space, big enough storage/cold room.

What are your prices and are you marking up correctly?
Answering these questions will help you to determine your profit margin.

It’s also worth noting at this point that there is a marked difference between the considerations of a retail shop taking on weddings and a ‘wedding’ only business. Both have their own set of Pro’s and Con’s