Event Marketing and Communications

TTG Events can manage your event communication plan. A highly detailed breakdown of what to tell your audience when to tell them, and how to reach them (SMS, Email & Social media) so that your event is a success. A good event communication plan has three significant benefits:

It builds excitement around your event.

Engages your audience before, during, and after the event
Keeps your team members on the same page to avoid hiccups

Event Management

Create a speaker Event

Requirements were for a virtual studio where an MC
could host the session along with a production suite
and technical crew that enabled 5 panelists to
remotely participate in a panel session.

Bring a keynote speaker in remotely via the web.
Include them in your meeting with HD vision and
audio via a dedicated link


Delegate Management

Dedicated email address and phone lines to manage event-related enquiries from your delegates
Manage phone registrations and delegate bookings
Prompt responses
Onsite first impressions and event support

Accommodation managment to ensure you get the best rates.

Event App 

Personalised agenda and content
Real time communication with and between attendees
Event notifications
Live Polling
Onsite Delegate Management

Lanyards/Name Badges
Session and access scanning
QR code scanning
Event Security
Delegate transfer management


Live Events /Tradeshows/Festivals

Live Events/Festivals and Tradeshows must allow people to be more spaced out, so no more crowded conference rooms with people lined up in tightly spaced chairs.

After Covid social distancing will still be a concept that many have gotten used to, and so the spacing of chairs and events within a conference hall should be more spread out than before. To account for the additional space between people, one way to recognize the company or brand that individuals represent even from a bigger distance is through the branded t-shirts, masks, hats, and other items that they can wear.

Virtual Events

Create an engaging virtual event that allows
nominees and presenters to join in from a venue or from home.
The theme maintained the usual forum of a live
venue with the MCs presenting from a dynamic
stage and introducing presenters to the stage
via a virtual screen.

Life Stream Conferences

We utilised our green screen studio to present the meeting hosts in a virtual space, they introduced video packages that were created internally using any location. The produced result was securely streamed out to hundreds of viewers across Oceania using our streaming service with questions from the webcast viewers sent to the panel. We also took a live panel camera feed from another AV company at a different venue using our video link system