Marketing Roundup

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A digital marketing strategy is a roadmap of your overarching goals and objectives for marketing your business online. This includes your social media presence, website, mobile applications, SEO and online advertising.

This book will guide you through the process of mapping a strategy for your online marketing. We will guide you through working out your unique selling position (USP) and identifying your target market and the best distribution channels for your business. You will learn to set goals and track your performance so you can do more of what works and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We will be getting you thinking about your competitors, your objectives and your brand so that you can better engage with your ideal customers and meet them where they are: online! Learn to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in converting online visitors into real-life visitors.

Social Media Presence

  • No marketing campaign is complete without social media. 
  • You’ll want to get followers by posting pictures of your latest wedding or event work. 
  • Also, talk about what’s going on in the shop. Many people love to see the ‘inner workings’ (design Bench or delivery activities) of a flower shop. 

Social media  is all about Nurturing Relationships, Converting Enquiries to Sales, Getting New Business and Collaborating.

Marketing Budget and Results

Complete the following Advertising Profile at the end of this book.

  1. What are my competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
  2. What is our signature look?
  3. Do I want to change the type of business I am doing (different product/customer)?
  4. What do I want to advertise?
  5. Who do I want to advertise to?
  6. When do I want them to buy them?
  7. How do I want them to buy?

Once you have done the marketing basics and you know who you are and who your customers are, you’re ready to take the steps to prepare an advertising program to communicate about specific products to specific customers.

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